October 17, 2017 Hurricane Nate
Hurricane Nate hit Nicaragua on October 5, 2017, destroying thousands of homes and killing eleven people. The huge storm also damaged our platano (banana) plantation on Ometepe Island, toppling hundreds of vulnerable plants and ruining this season’s crop. The staff is scrambling to find funding to replant the crop. Can you help?


February 9, 2017 BCAS Interview
An interview with BCAS (Building Capacity and Sustainability) volunteers Margaret Nixon and Martin Reilly, who have been involved with Si A La Vida since the the early 1990s when they met founders Jonathan Roise and Mercedes Guido Huete.


December 21, 2016 2016 Fall Newsletter
Our 2016 Fall Newsletter has these stories: The Story of David Gonzalez, Volunteer at Sí a la Vida on Ometepe Island, Update from the Farm, Girls of Sí a la Vida at Work and Play, Bryan Estiven Guzmán: a Boy in Managua, and Staff Corner: José Mauricio Ocampo.
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October 4, 2016 Volunteer
Si a la Vida is seeking volunteers for its center on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. Two different types of volunteer positions are available.


April 4, 2016 Girls & Boys of Si A La Vida
Photos of the wonderful young men and women enrolled in the Si A La Vida program in Nicaragua.


February 14, 2016 Fall Newsletter
Our annual Sí A La Vida newsletter is just out. This issue includes:

    • New day centers open in Managua and on Ometepe Island, with the exciting news that both boys and girls are now served by the Sí A La Vida program.
    • The Story of Katherine, one of the first girls to participate at Sí a la Vida
    • Margaret Nixon and Martin Reilly: Truly Amazing Volunteers
    • In Memoriam: Ian Escobar
    • Donation remittance form


December 31, 2015 Annual Fall Newsletter
Our 2015 Newsletter announces that new day centers are now open in Managua and on Ometepe Island, with the exciting news that both boys and girls are now served by the Sí A La Vida program.
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August 19, 2015 Summer Appeal letter
Our Summer Appeal letter announces a major transition in the way Sí a la Vida will henceforth operate in Nicaragua.
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December 17, 2014 2014 End-of-year Appeal Letter
“Dear Supporter of Sí a la Vida,
As we near the end of our 20th anniversary year, I think of Jonathan Roise -- his initiative to found the project, his wonderful skill with the boys, and his hopes and dreams for Sí a la Vida. One of those dreams was to be able to more systematically track and aid the reintegrados (the boys who are reintegrated back into Nicaraguan society).”
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November 28, 2014 Annual Newsletter
Our 2014 Newsletter describes the evolution of the Sí a la Vida program due to social changes in Nicaragua.
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November 19, 2014 To a World of Respect
David Adler has created a wonderful new video for Si A La Vida.

(* Please note: as of October 2015, due to changes in the way the program operates, this video no longer provides an accurate description of Si A La Vida operations.)
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August 1, 2014 Summer Appeal letter
Our Summer Appeal letter celebrates 20 years of Sí a la Vida in Nicaragua. The program began with a few boys sleeping on floors borrowed from other organizations and grew into the impressive program that we know today!
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July 14, 2014 Annual Appeal Letter
Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary at Sí a la Vida
Dear Supporter of Sí a la Vida,
This year Sí a la Vida celebrates its 20th Anniversary since being founded in 1994 by Jonathan Roise and Mercedes Guido Huete. This is a true landmark for a program that began with a few boys sleeping on floors borrowed from other organizations and grew into the impressive program that we know today!
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December 19, 2013 2013 End-of-year Appeal Letter
Speaking German in Nicaragua? Our End of Year Appeal letter was written by Alexi Bonoff who recently visited Sí a la Vida in Nicaragua and had a chance to practice her "eins, zwei, drei" with a German volunteer. Fresh pics and stories about the project.
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November 2, 2013 Annual Newsletter
Our annual Newsletter is hot off President Rick Allstetter's computer. It has recent photographs and fresh stories about the boys and staff at Sí a la Vida in Nicaragua
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July 2, 2013 Board photo
On Jun 29, the ASALV board met on Bainbridge Island. Good meeting and a great group!


June 20, 2013 Annual Appeal Letter
Our Visit to Nicaragua: The Project Continues Forward with Energy, Imagination and Incredible Staff Dedication
Dear Supporter of Sí a la Vida,
In January a delegation from Amigos de Sí a la Vida (the US based support group for Sí a la Vida) went to Nicaragua. We wanted to assess how the project was functioning since the loss of co-founder and leader, Jonathan Roise. We also wanted to assure the staff and board of directors in Nicaragua of our ongoing commitment, and introduce the new Amigos leadership to them.....


June 19, 2013 Beisbol photos
We have a new album in our photo gallery: Beisbol! photos by Joel Espinoza Poveda, a supplementary educator at Sí a la Vida in Managua.


April 28, 2013 Letter from Joel Espinosa
On March 2, 2013, we received the following letter from Joel Espinoza, a supplementary educator and the son of Rosario who has been the Social Worker at the project since the beginning.
"Hello, good morning, I’m Joel. I don’t know if Alexi talked about or referred to me but I am always interested in helping and supporting the Si a la Vida Websites. They are the most contemporary methods and have the most potential to further our organization.....".


February 25, 2013 ASALV visit to Nicaragua
by Rick Allstetter, ASALV Board President
Several Members of Amigos de Sí a la Vida (ASALV) made a visit to Nicaragua in January. John Reiss, former Treasurer, and Rick Allstetter, new President, arrived in Nicaragua on January 11th and stayed until January 22nd. Nicole Walsh from Chicago, the originator of the Violence Prevention proposal, joined us during the visit. Alexis Bonoff, Vice President, arrived earlier in January and stayed on Ometepe after John and Rick left....
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February 24, 2013 Boys of Si A La Vida
These photos were taken by Alexis Bonoff of Si A La Vida.
See photos


December 2012 December Appeal Letter


December 2012 New Sí A La Vida Newsletter


October 2012 Memorial celebration for Jonathan Roise


October 2012 In Memorium (Jonathan Roise)
Story and photo


June 25 to September 8, 2012 Alexi's Weekly Updates
Read her stories Here
See her pictures Here


September 2011 Capoeira
In August, the US-based Ale’ Ale’ Foundation gave a workshop at Sí a la Vida on the Brazilian art of Capoeira. The boys participated in the warm-ups and stretching, then faced off to compete with high kicks and fluid movements. Thanks Ale’ Ale’ Foundation!
See pictures Here


September 2011 Painting
After cleaning the computer room on Ometepe, we were inspired to give the place a facelift. Using left-over materials and paint from the construction of Casa Mariano, the boys re-painted two walls of the computer room with a mural and a free-for-all experiment. Our new computer room is filled with color and imagination!
Pictures in our Photo Gallery


September 2011 Pulsera Project Fun-Day
The US-based Pulsera Project sponsored a day of activities for the boys of Sí a la Vida and also for the boys of Los Quinchos, a street kids center in Granada. Fun activities included games, a soccer match, and a pulsera competition. The boys played hard all day and enjoyed a chicken barbecue. Thanks Pulsera Project!


September 2011 2011 Summer Appeal Letter
Alexis Bonoff reported from Nicaragua: "As I scrape the last bit of Nicaraguan dirt from beneath my fingernails, I reflect on the changes at Sí a la Vida over the past years..."


July 2011 Sí a la Vida is now on Facebook
We've finally decided to join the 21st Century: you can now see recent pictures of the SALV boys and participate in Facebook discussions about the project. You need to be a Facebook member to see the our page (it's easy to join, but this is not an endorsement of Facebook.) See it here:


July 2011 Meet Sí a la Vida's new Volunteer Coordinator
ASALV welcomes Alexis Bonoff as our new Volunteer Coordinator. She is already doing outreach to recruit new volunteers, coordinating the work of volunteers in Nicaragua, and volunteering herself at the project on Ometepe Island. Thank you, Alexis!


May 2011 News from Ometepe Island in Nicaragua: Yay team!
Sí a la Vida kids are avid baseball players and this year won the island beisbol championship.... Ten kids -- the most ever in the history of Sí a la Vida -- are enrolled in the local high school (instituto) on the island.... Six older boys are already living in the new dorm.... And, over the past 12 months, the project shipped more than 8,000 pulseras to the Pulsera Project for sale -- proceeds provide spending money for the boys who weave the pulseras, are used for outings and special needs like band uniforms, and to partially fund operating costs of the new dormitory.


March 2011 Gracias to our young amigos on Bainbridge Island near Seattle
Third grade students in Boo Schneider’s class at Ordway Elementary School again did a masterful job of producing and marketing their "Kids Can Make a Difference" calendars. Profits are distributed as grants, and Sí a la Vida was again an honored and grateful recipient. Muchas gracias!


March 2011 A message from the co-founder of Sí a la Vida
"On February 20, 2011, we celebrated 17 years of incredible work with Nicaragua street kids. We would like everyone who has supported this project over the years to know you are in our hearts as a huge and essential part of all that we have accomplished. On behalf of the kids and staff, I thank you. Con mucho carino."
~ Jonathan Roise


March 2011 Friendship Bracelets
Check out our Friendship Bracelet (pulsera) webpages. The pulseras are produced by the boys of Sí a la Vida as a fundraising activity for the organization.
In 2010 Sí a la Vida expanded sales by partnering with The Pulsera Project, a non-profit organization that supports young Nicaraguan artists of Los Quinchos and Sí a la Vida children's shelters through sales of their handmade bracelets. The relationship continues to be fruitful – generating, for example, $4,000 for the Si a la Vida boys and project in January 2011. The Pulsera Project references the handicrafts of the SALV boys at:


January 2011 Gracias
In early 2011 Sí a la Vida received significant contributions from pulsera sales by a new support group in Australia led by pastor Martin Reilly and his wife Margaret Nixon, and from the support group on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, led by Debbie Magnusson. The Dunn Foundation made a major gift on behalf of John Dunn to provide scholarships for “graduates” of Sí a la Vida enrolling in computing, manual skills, or university classes, and for staff members pursuing university and post-graduate course work. Muchas gracias amigos!


December 2010 Annual Newsletter
In our most recent year-end newsletter, topics include the opening of our new residence Casa Mariano on Ometepe Island, expansion of the street outreach program in Granada, and stories about two of the boys in the project.
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June 2010 Summer Appeal Letter
Jonathan Roise wrote from the project in Nicaragua.


April 2010 The Pulsera Project
Sí a la Vida co-founder Jonathan Roise has established a working relationship with The Pulsera Project, a non-profit organization that supports young Nicaraguan artists of Los Quinchos and Sí a la Vida children's shelters through sales of their handmade bracelets. That organization has sold about 10,000 pulseras within the last year, most of which were produced by boys from Los Quinchos. The project is now buying from SALV and has revised its home page to reference the handicrafts produced by the SALV boys. More info at:


April 2010 Pulsera Sales
March 2010 was a big month for pulsera sales. The nascent support group in Australia organized by Martin Reilly sent us funds raised by selling pulseras in that country. Bob Royce had previously sent the Australians a large shipment of the bracelets.


April 2010 Social Justice Recognition
For the second year a Rainier Valley (Seattle, Washington) church’s social justice committee selected SALV as one of the recipient organizations "that share our commitment to compassion, justice, and global stewardship, and that operate on low budgets." A nice kudo for the Nicaraguan staff. Funds were earmarked for recreational equipment.


March 2010 SALV 16th anniversary
Sí a la Vida celebrated its 16th anniversary in mid-February by inaugurating a social-cultural mural painted by the boys at the Managua house with guidance from an international volunteer. The anniversary announcement thanked all the friends and donors who have supported the project, which is now "looking at the fruits from the tree that has developed from the seeds we planted... which staff, volunteers, and the boys have nurtured by hand with watering, weeding, and fertilizing.... The boys play, study, laugh, sing, break open piñatas and munch on the candies."


October 2009 Construction of new residence on Ometepe nears completion
The Sí a la Vida residence on Ometepe Island enables former street kids to truly leave the streets of Managua. Now the dream of building a second residence on the island is becoming a reality, and will house an additional 16 former street kids.


October 2009 Renovation of dorm room completed
At the Sí a la Vida residence in Managua, Casa Nuevo Amanecer, the boys moved into their new, second-floor dormitory in mid-October.


October 2009 Annual Newsletter
Bob Royce writes about his visit to the project in Nicaragua.
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October 19, 2009 - Revised website went live