February 24, 2011

These photos were taken by Alexis Bonoff of Seattle.


Angel playing on the beach just minutes from the project house on Ometepe.



Antonio, accompanied by his mother, was one of six chavalos who graduated from primary school in 2009.


Ariel Aleman, Cristian, Jonathan Pavon and Franklin goof around on the weekly Sunday field trip.


Nelson participates in a bike repair workshop run by British volunteer Reg.


Cristian learns how to make sushi rolls with American volunteer Alexi and Japanese volunteer Naoko.


Cristian and Luis Alberto proudly display their diplomas. Next stop, high school!


One of Doña Dolores' accomplishments this year was teaching 15 year old Nelson to read.


As well as being a class clown, Erick makes some of the most beautiful pulseras at Casa Jose Maria.


Franklin showing his romantic side at Christmas.


Freddy is the fastest typer in computer class at the project.


Hector Joel reading the sports and entertainment news aloud at the dining table.


American volunteer Ian and his crew building a rock garden in the middle of the plantains.


British volunteers Jacqui and Reg holding the results of the weekly behavior evaluation.


Jonathan Rayo and Cristian trying on new clothes (and attitudes) earned in the evaluation.


Jonathan Rayo and Cristian exploring new worlds during a Christmas adventure.


A man of few words, Jorge received the honor of being the best student in his grade.


Every morning the boys wash and iron their school uniforms. Jorge demonstrates the proper technique.


Jorge is one of the older boys at the project and helps the younger boys on the computer.


As an avid Reggaeton fan, Lesther can recite all the words to every Daddy Yankee song.


Lunch is usually beans, rice and meat with fresh-squeezed juice.


Every morning the boys are required to complete their chores: Nelson mopping the main room.


In crisp white and blue uniforms, Nelson and Jorge are ready to learn!


Otto's appendix burst last fall but he is now recovering well enough to help clear space in the garden.


This year Jonathan Rayo attended school as well as taking technical classes to become an electrician.


The sushi contents were more fun to eat than to make. Unfortunately, the "japanese paper" (seaweed) was wildly unpopular with the boys.


Educator Noel surrounded by industrious pulsera makers.


Even the cook Doña Chilo tried her hand at rolling sushi!


Peace Corps Volunteer Joanna helps William prepare for elementary school graduation.


A small group at Christmas: volunteer Alexi with Miguel, Jonathan Rayo, Marvin Joel, William, Jonathan Pavon, Franklin and Cristian.