Bainbridge/Ometepe Sister Islands Association (BOSIA )
The Bainbridge/Ometepe Sister Islands Association is our "sister" organization, and we share a deep concern for Nicaraguan communities, especially the children and youth.


A monthly journal of current events and analysis in Nicaragua and Central America published in Spanish and English by the Jesuit-run Universidad de Centroamérica in Managua.
"An interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters, and take steps toward building a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives."


Moon Guide Nicaragua
A far-ranging Nicaraguan travel guide written by two ex Peace Corps volunteers, Joshua Berman and Randall Wood, with information on the culture, politics and economics of the country, along with experienced advice on volunteering and studying Spanish.


Nicaragua Network
The Nicaragua Network has been organizing in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua for almost 30 years. Publications include the Nicaragua Network Hotline, the Nicaragua News Service, the Nicaragua Monitor, and occasional monographs.


“Publishing and design for nature and peoples of the earth. To touch upon our common spirit and heritage, the PANGAEA Web Site is offered as a meeting place for peoples of all countries and all walks of life."
PANGAEA has a very strong interest in street children.


The Pulsera Project
The Pulsera Project… "coloring the world, one pulsera at a time…" is a new U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to helping organizations such as ourselves market the children’s handicrafts through schools and universities. Sí a la Vida began partnering with the Pulsera Project in March 2010.


United Nations Children's Fund
United Nations Children’s Fund is an excellent source of information about the plight of children worldwide. Its annual report on children of the world is a must.


VIVA Travel Guides
Nicaragua travel information.